A derogatory term for people who are autistic.
Guy: We don't have any auts in our neighborhood.
by The guy who types January 17, 2011
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An abbreviation for autistic given to people who lack common sense and are probably missing chromosomes.
Shut up you aut!
Are you an aut or something?
That Girl Alisha is such an aut!
by Lord Andreas II December 11, 2019
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a shortened version of Autism
Little Timmy is bad at everything, because Little Timmy has auts
by Scotland Forever June 16, 2018
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some lad roblox game with jojo and undertale dab lad lad lad
aut is true beuty i have dio s the world
by November 28, 2020
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Yo, do you have The Auts?
No, Karen, I don't have The Auts.
You think he got The Auts? Looks like it...
by SuckACack666969 January 04, 2020
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billie:Do you wanna go to that jamming party next week with me

sally: Did you just say "that jamming party" you must have auts
by barbielilson August 05, 2018
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It means "out", what did you think it meant?
Czech it aut holmes, more Englysh langauge bastardization fo yo azz.
by av1d October 10, 2006
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