big-headed, alien-eyed, tweetie bird looking person.
A person who's name starts with a "C" and ends with an "E" Cammie to be exact.
by cruncho April 28, 2005
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A word people make a mistake spelling when it should be beautiful.
Conversation over computer
Person 1: cindy iz so beutiful
Person 2: Um, it's "beautiful".
by Ms. Jack Skellington April 10, 2007
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How my absolute idiot self decided to spell beautiful, because god damnit I’m so tired
How I said it: “This song is so fucking beutiful” which is wrong, it means the same thing as the word beutiful but I’m just a dumb fucker so there’s that
by AHHHH FUCK September 14, 2018
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Buetiful is a word invented by the tiktoker star, endergamer_backup. This word is used to describe a pretty person/thing.
“Your Beutiful today!”
by Pawzer March 4, 2022
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when you know she is truely beautiful, when you wake up next to her & she has no make up on & messy hair n you still think shes beutiful.
when i saw gemma this morning, she was mornin' beutiful
by she knows who April 25, 2006
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