THe most beautiful , rich and glorious man u will ever meet
I met Aurele yesterday :so hot
by pauldubled November 24, 2021
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An unbelievably gorgeous girl inside and out. Has a feisty side, sleeps a lot. Often a short brunette with glasses. A smart, sexy girl. Friendly. Creative. Beautiful. Looks tough and heartless on the outside, but inside, Aurell is the sweetest, romantic, kind, caring, and thoughtful person you will ever meet. An Aurell has lots of friends, she is cool and easy going, but when an Aurell gets mad, she can act all bitchy, but again, she’s pretty sweet.
Friend: Whoa, who is that?
Aaron: That’s Aurell, she’s so pretty! Wish she was my girlfriend
by sintasuci778 January 7, 2018
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Person who has many talents and doesn't want to fall inlove and get hurt. Looks very stunning always and is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever see
Wow Aurelles beautiful.
by Catgirl19 October 9, 2013
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Aurel is always right. Aurel is everything. Aurel is life. Aurel is God.
by Mega Cracker Bitch March 13, 2019
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god upon gods, no one can compare, all good yet will smite you in a instant.
oh my aurel
by ultracrispybitch March 13, 2019
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Aurel is a version of the old roman name Aurelius which means the golden one. Aurels are usually machos on the outside but a good-hearted soul, loyal friend and family member on the inside. They would do anything for you if you needed their help.
Man, i wish i could get an Aurel instead of all those fuckboys.
by CaesarsSalad December 27, 2016
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Aurel is someone who love cats and hanging out with some friends. He is very smart and kind. He have brown hair and brown eyes. He looks very handsome. He loves Sushi. This is Aurel.
Aurel is a very kind person who loves to be with cats and his friends
by Wifiangela January 2, 2017
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