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An Aurel is an unbelievably gorgeous girl inside and out. She is very poised and outgoing, but slightly clumsy at times. Often a short brunette from France. Most Aurel are smart, stubborn and memorable. She doesn't like being told what to do. Sleeps a lot. And she will steal your heart, then break it. Has a feisty side. Aurel is very trustworthy if you have a strong relationship with her.
Oh she's an Aurel
by XalyssagyrettX June 21, 2017
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Funny Guy people who think he is a girl will get destroyed in a 1v1 of NBA 2K. They will be so sad after a match.
I played an Aurel yesterday

Man you must of lost. RIP you
by Mckfifi September 25, 2017
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god upon gods, no one can compare, all good yet will smite you in a instant.
oh my aurel
by ultracrispybitch March 12, 2019
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