extremely slick water-based personal lubricant that can greatly enhance handjobs and result in prompt ejaculation
Holy shit! Amy gave me an Astroglide handjob and I shot my load in about 30 seconds!
by Marty October 23, 2003
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The best anal sex lubricant money can buy.
My Girlfriend and I always use Astroglide for anal sex lube because it is the slipperiest.
by Maxwell March 23, 2004
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The second most wonderful messy useful product on the planet earth. (The first being chocolate)
Squirt that bottle of astroglide and get that hot body moving baby!
by Janessa July 29, 2003
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2nd best sexual lubricant on this planet
She put 5 drops of Astroglide in the reservoir tip condom before she rolled it onto me, and once I was in her I didn't even know I had a condom on.
by John R. December 09, 2003
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A form of lubricant that enables the user to perform hi speed punching the clown and reach their point of ejaculation much quick then a user of the traditional dry jack. Also used where anal sex is required by law.
Astroglide is the top performer when it comes to anal sex. Don't play in the mud without it!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
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1) commercial vaginal lubricant that advertises itself as "second only to nature"
After experiencing masturbation enhanced with astroglide Whit felt that all her years of masturbation before had been for nothing!!! Second only to nature?! It beats nature using a 2x4 with a nail stuck through it!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kaworu July 03, 2004
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