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Any police officer that writes traffic tickets. Most communities use revenue collectors and traffic court judges to shakedown motorists for money. It is not about enforcing the law, but collecting revenue for the city or town where the ticket was issued.
The state of Illinois passed the seatbelt law. This law allows revenue collectors to write more traffic tickets thus generating more revenue for there communities.
by Maxwell February 14, 2005
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An African American female who enjoys being sandwiched or double penetrated by two White males.
Did you see that porno flick that had that reversed oreo cookie girl taking two white dicks in her at the same time? That was cool.
by Maxwell August 22, 2004
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The act of beating the living shit out of some fucking idiot who desperately deserves it.
I Rodney Kinged that fucking asshole at the bar last night for being an obnoxious drunk.
by Maxwell July 16, 2004
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seven eleven punks are the kids that hang out infrount of a seven eleven and bug you when you walk into the seven eleven.. seven eleven punks make mall rats and others look better
For a Example of this goto your loco seven eleven or get Harold & kumar goto white castle on dvd and watch that
by Maxwell March 15, 2005
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