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A term for a rifle made up by the media to make rifles sound scary. Try putting the word assault in front of anything that could hurt you when the wrong person uses it. Now it sounds scary, right? You're on your way to becoming a news reporter.
I'll shoot you with my assault rifle!
I'll beat you with my assault bible!
I'll hit you with my assualt car!
I'll punch you with my assault fists!
by thegrindstone January 20, 2015
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"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
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An assault rifle is a select fire shoulder arm chambered for an intermediate power rifle cartridge capable of being fed from a detachable magazine.

Typically an assault rifle is the standard issue weapon used by military forces. The United States uses the M16A2/3/4 as its standard rifle, though there has been a movement towards the M4A1 carbine (also an assault rifle).
The "MA5B Assault Rifle" from the popular Xbox game "Halo: Combat Evolved" is not an assault rifle because it is not select fire and it is chambered for a full power rifle cartridge (7.62mm x 51 NATO). It would be more correct to say that it is a magazine fed machine gun.

Some examples of real assault rifles include: the M16 series and the AK/AKM series.
by chriscaffee July 24, 2005
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a specific type of rifle. it is fully automatic, fed by a high-capacity magazine and has a pistol grip. Assault rifles were designed to have the accuracy and power of a rifle, but the automatic fire and portability of a submachine gun. Assault rifles usually use a shortened rifle cartridge, though some do not. such as the Heckler and Koch G3 and FN FAL.
the world's most famous assault rifle is the AK-47. the first assault rifle was the Nazi-made Sturmgewehr 44.
by Awesome McAwesome October 13, 2007
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1, technical definition) According to the Oxford English dictionary, an assault rifle is "a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use." While most of them are legal in the US assault rifles are hard to obtain. They are also very expensive to operate with the ammo and maintenance, and take skill to use effectively. "Assault rifle" is a highly technical term and only applies to a handful of guns.

2, Democrat definition) Any large gun that looks scary.

3, Repiblican definition) A buzzword made up by gun grabber libtards who want to take away our constitution.
1) I really want a FN SCAR but they're so expensive!
2) No civilian should be able to own an AR! That's an assault rifle!
3) Stupid libtards are trying to take our 2A! I'll keep whatever damn gun I want! Assailt rifles aren't real!
by icantthinkofausername777 May 22, 2020
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A gun that is between a Sub-machine gun and below a light-machine gun. Usually capable of automatic fire, though not designed for support roles.
XM8,M16,AK-47,M1 GARAND, Sturmgewehr 44,
MY assault rifle is the M16.
by K'slAvA March 15, 2008
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An assault rifle is the weapon of choice for newbs. They tend to spray wildly with it instead of starting with a BR which requires skill and aim.
Wow! stupid newbs and their assault rifles
by Mr. Sin December 15, 2008
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