A shortened and lightweight version of a particular rifle. This concept was originally used by cavalry units, who needed a smaller firearm than your everyday musket, but more effective than a pistol.
The m4 is the carbine version of the wordM16a2./word
by Jarvy October 7, 2003
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A device developed by Coca Cola to make a engine run on carbinated beverages using a design remotely similar to a "Carburator". The device was larger then typical carburators and required the use of a special InSteak Manifold. The unit had a series of internal chambers and devices that processed the fuel to make it suitable for combustion. When the Carbinated fluid first entered the unit it would pass through the FluxTransFunctioner (FTF) which would put the fuel in a flux state before it passed through the RotaryGurder so that it would vaporize. The Carbon Dioxide mix would become extremely explosive as it passed through the Burperator. Stepping on the Carbon Pedal or (Gas Pedal) it would open a single Dutch Rudder to allow the mixture to enter the engine. High Performance versions had a Double Dutch Rudder setup that allowed the releasing of more fuel into the engine. Both setups were extremely efficent at 88 mph but had a tendancy to be troublesome when it came to starting the vehicle at the time when it was most critical.
1) After installing his Carbinator, Marty was able to run his favorite beverage ,Tab, and never had to worry about fuel again.

Grant: Dude I just put my new Carbinator on my truck and holy shit when you hit the pedal and that Dutch Rudder Opens up it runs really awesome. You Know what I mean?

Chad: Verry nice

Grant: I think I'm gonna try a Double Dutch Rudder setup, you wanna help me?

Chad: I can't wait, I heard they blow in your face if you're not careful though.
by MiltonRheem December 10, 2010
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"An overgrown .22." as the American soldiers in WWII named it. Became popular with tank crews, paratroopers, and other special purpose soldiers (such as engineers, radiomen, mortar carriers, etc.) Was fully taken out of the U.S Military around the Vietnam War, and has now made its way to the hands of police forces all over the world. It is also being sold by various companies on the civilian market.

It fires a .30 Carbine round, and has a barrel length of 18 inches. From the beginning of the war to the end there were over 6 million produced by many companies, alot of which are familiar to us today:

IBM- Computer company (most likely converted to a war-time factory)
General Motors
Quality Hardware
Standard Products
The M1 Carbine is still used in many countries around the world, and is also a popular civilian rifle that is great for small game hunting, and shooting sports.
by theloaswriter November 6, 2007
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a semi automatic assualt rifle that is highly reliable made by Hi-Point firearms (not sure about name) thatwas popularised by the columbine massacre
oh shit eric just pulled out a 995 carbine, no escape from him!
by The Great Corholio March 10, 2017
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Consuming two types of carbohydrates in one meal.
Jack: "You're eating fries and chicken fingers in one sitting, really?"
Jill: "Yeah, I'm double carbin' it today!"
by carb addict August 8, 2010
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If I were you, I'd be very careful who you show that to. Because the person that wrote that is dangerous. And you never know when this button-down Oxford cloth psycho might come to work with an armalite ar-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon stocking from office to office pumping round after around into co-workers. It could be someone you've known for years. Someone very, very close to you.
by Silence November 9, 2003
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not to be confused with the full auto. Two handed pistol, usually with a knife.

its a micro carbine, it compares with submachine gubs but semi automatic only.
frequently used by security guards according to a anonymous souce.
did you see the fireball when that security guard got hit in the ankle, i can sorta see now why he wanted a pistol carbine punch knife with only 15 shots.
by Cody5050 November 17, 2020
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