A rifle that a soldier takes into battle. It is not officially called a battle rifle, however, as that is actually the name of one of the human weapons in the popular X-box game Halo 2. That is a very awesome game, by the way.
Rifles have been used in military battles since the 1770s, but they were few in number, and only performed half as well as rifles in the mid-1800s. Battle rifles truly gained widespread use and acceptance during the Civil War, when whole brigades and army divisions were armed with famous guns known as Springfields, Enfields, Sharps', Colts, Spencers, and Henry's. The last two mentioned were the first repeating-fire weapons, and led to further technological developments in the future.
The American World War II Infantry private provided cover-fire for his comrades charging across the beaches at Normandy with his M-1 Garand Battle Rifle.
by Union Soldier March 28, 2005
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A weapon in the Xbox game Halo 2 that acts as a mid-range rifle. Very powerful when shot at the target's head. It resembles the Classic Halo 1 Pistol, only it is much larger, bulkier and requires more skill to use to full extent.

Often used in synchronization with the Plasma Pistol in the Noob Combo.
Player 1: What the hell? All I saw was a couple of bullet streaks and I died. Cheater.

Player 2: It's called the Battle Rifle, biyatch.
by Mehro March 25, 2005
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A category of firearms that is, in fact, different from an assault rifle. Assault rifles must have full-auto capability while chambered for intermediate cartridges such as the 5.56 NATO, which is found in many rifles today. However, the battle rifle may come in a greater variety of firing modes such as bolt action, semi-auto, full auto, and burst. Also, battle rifles employ larger rounds than assault rifles such as the .30-06 and 7.62x51 NATO (not the same bullet found in the AK-47, which is the 7.62x39 NATO)

However, because they are chambered for larger bullets, thus causing heavier recoil, they are not always as suited for full-auto fire compared to assault rifles. Battle rifles are more effective for support roles and when engaged in mid-long range combat.

Two excellent examples of battle rifles are the American M14 and the Belgian FN FAL. These rifles are both automatic and fire the full-powered 7.62x39. There are many other battle rifles but these two are among the most famous.
Battle rifles have been used in military forces around the world. Don't mess with someone with a battle rifle.

Halo has made the term battle rifle quite popular among the gaming community.
by lolology May 9, 2008
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A sexual finishing move in which you scream "ISRAELI BATTLE RIFLE!" and then you proceed to dry shove your cock in your partner's ass. Once in you proceed to piss and wait until the urine shoots out your partner's nose.
"The bitch thought I was done then I hit her with the Israeli Battle Rifle.
by _Kryptonic_ May 2, 2022
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