(def. noun)the minimum number of times you should have sex with a partner before you decide it isn't good sex.See Ruthie
Ruthie and I got it on a few times, a few different ways, a few different positions, but she just really never caught the knack.I'm sorry now that I stopped giving her the booty call, I should have hung in there, she would have got better (and she had so much PROMISE).
by Jake January 15, 2004
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The greatest county vacation package ever as this twenty-four-month free stay will have you wishing you had gone to the federal fudge packing pen. (FPP) A Domestic battery or assault with intent could buy you this package or any assortment of violent activities including but not limited to mugging and deadly weapons charges. Yes, we pulled out all the stops and made sure the entertainment would be brutal for those looking for a great time. Again this advertisement was paid for by the Blackfoot Redneck Holy Okie Leprechaun spirit travel agency. Terms and conditions apply and it is not void anywhere on earth.

Blessings, respect, and love to all without prejudice
Bill: Hey Jeff your ex-girlfriend's new guy had his sentence upgraded to a Hard-Two-Dozen
Jeff: wow I didn't like the guy but would not wish that on anyone. what happened?

Bill: rumor has it all he did was blasphemed the name of the leprechaun
Jeff: WOW I am glad I don't know his real name now.
Bill: he doesn't mind anyone making fun of all those character names.
Jeff: Lord Bud is quite a character
by Spiritual-Master February 1, 2022
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The term used when 12 men (6 black, 3 white, 2 Mexican, and 1 Asian) go in to the “showers of auschwitz” to try and dig up corpses of deceased Jews with the intention of ferociously raping each body. Traditionally some of these men will be transgender but not all.
“Wanna get some of the boys to go to Germany and do the bakers two dozen, we can bring sporks.”
by TheCeoOfRacism February 18, 2021
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