Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernized
An optimized version of the AK-47.
In 1959 the AK-47 assualt rifle was modernized and named AKM.
by Don Cossack March 19, 2004
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(Kalashnikov's modernised automatic rifle)

Improved version and a replacement for AK-47 manufactured from 1960s onwards.

The most often used assault rifle on the planet. Despite AK-47's false legendary status (mostly spread by western movies and video games) the AKM is way more prevalent.

AKM's most distinctive feature is a receiver made from stamped metal with milled front and rear trunnions (attachment points for the barrel and stock). It greatly cuts production time and material cost when compared to AK-47 while remaining just as reliable. Stamped receiver is also much lighter.

AKM further improves ergonomics by introducing a stock in-line with the barrel and a new wider handguard for easier grip. This feature together with a climb reducer device on the end of the barrel and a slightly lower fire rate makes the rifle much more comfortable to use than the AK-47.
What gun caused this nasty wound?

An AKM, 7.62x39 caliber.

Huh, no wonder he bled out.
by Shephard, Sierra-99 / λ September 11, 2020
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a towel wearing dood from arabia, iraq, iran, etc.
yo that akmed in 7-11 overcharged me for cigaretes!
by itzGman July 11, 2003
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Unit of time in Overwatch. This term is named after AKM who took 3 minutes and 45 minutes to farm Genji dragon blade by doing less than 400 damage during Dallas fuel vs San Francisco Shock match in Temple of Anubis on April 19th, 2018.
15 minutes = 4 AKM blade
30 miuntes = 8 AKM blade
45 miuntes = 12 AKM blade
60 muntes = 16 AKM blade
by c9c9c9c9c9c9c9c9c9 September 26, 2018
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A measurement of the time it takes for the Overwatch player AKM to charge Genji's ultimate.

One AKM's Genji is roughly 3 minutes and 44 seconds.
I'll see you in about two AKM's Genji ults.
by Snobb April 22, 2018
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