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Halo Combat Evolved is a Game where a Man called John or Master Chief or 117 Is awoken from his cyro-sleep to kill some alien bastards, Halo Combat Evolved was originally made in 2001 for Xbox. It was released for PC in 2004.
Halo Combat Evolved is also one of the most badass games in history of gaming.
“Hey dude wanna do Halo: Combat Evolved??”
Sure Dude
These guys are the most badass guys in history.
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halo combat evolve has been regarded as the former of the xbox generation of consoles, and one of the best fps ever.
It is set 500 years from now,where humanity is at war with an alien group known as the covenant. The player character is a person known as master chief, a man bred for war. He, along with the crew of the Pillar of Autumn must find the secrets of halo.
Dude: Hey, i heard that theres a game better than Halo Combat Evolved!

Other Dude: Are you an idiot?! nothing beats halo!
by frankie mcwankie November 6, 2007
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The reskin of Halo: Combat Evolved. It was released in 2011 as a separate disk, and re-released for Halo: The Master Chief Collection as campaign. It didn’t contain the original Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer, instead Halo Reach multiplayer. The classic CE multiplayer came back in the Master Chief Collection.
It was 343’s first game that it made.
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary’s graphics just got fixed on Halo MCC.
by yeltsA kciR May 23, 2021
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One of the best games in 2001, for its amazing sunflowers and graphical resolutions. It was only available on Xbox and PC sadly.
Hey Dude wanna do Some Halo Combat Evolved?”
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