Inversion of jack ass. When calling someone a jackass is not enough you can refer to them as an assjack
That guy is worse than a jack ass he's a real assjack
by Libraryguy March 4, 2010
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An object, for example a small firm pillow, placed under a womens ass to elevate her vagina to the best angle for sex.
"Hey honey, lets use the assjack tonight. I want to be sure i hit your G-Spot."
by rilecat November 18, 2016
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Getting assjacked is all about being screwed over or taken advantage of. You either get jacked, or you've jacked someone else!
Promised a promotion at work, instead I got assjacked and they gave it to someone else!

Every time I fuel up, I'm being assjacked at the pump!
by donkeyrules October 3, 2014
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Nom. adj -- a person who is hopelessly stupid, offensive or socially hindered in the sense that their very presence has become a blight upon the fabric of existence. (Vulgation of the English "jack-ass," reportedly when the coiner of the phrase was too intoxicated to correctly say "jack-ass."
That John Ashcroft is such an assjack!
by Lane Haygood November 25, 2002
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driver #1 to driver #2: "get out da' way, assjack!"
by j foxy August 11, 2010
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Assjack. Noun. The semen that dribbles out of an ass after anal sex has been completed.

Adjective. Similar to jackass.
The woman used a douche to clean the assjack out of her colon.
by John Diss August 9, 2006
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A heterosexual male who likes to give it to his girl in her 'other' hole down there.
Hey Suzie, my man Tyrone is a grade-A assjacker; he was working my brown hole all night.
by Anonymous July 3, 2003
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