1.according to the governator, the pump is how you feel after lifting lots of weights and your muscle engorge and you feel like the man. feels a lot like cuming, thus making arnold a lucky man.
2. also a famous health food store in manhattan, nyc.
Man, I love feeling the pump, and I love eating the pump! arnold rules! lets get huge!!!
by Ejaculaxor March 11, 2008
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I pumped that dirty wee midden in her parents'bed!
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
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pumped is a feeling of total excitment also known as pshyed,amped,rush,
i was so pumped to go on the ride i forgot my ticket
by kyle coleman August 25, 2004
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to make something louder or stronger
We told the dj to pump it.
by Katerina Stevens May 14, 2006
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The muscle sensation one feels after doing a set at the gym. The muscles are tight and are larger because they have literally been pumped with blood.
Dude, I feel so pumped after benching 200!
by J-aymond July 11, 2008
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