Assjack. Noun. The semen that dribbles out of an ass after anal sex has been completed.

Adjective. Similar to jackass.
The woman used a douche to clean the assjack out of her colon.
by John Diss August 08, 2006
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ass jack; Texan
small booster seat used for securing the optimal angle of entry for back-seat-of-the-car sex

"Loren, will you bring that ass jack just a scootch closer so's I can really feel it"
by Fred Civian September 03, 2003
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When your wallet or phone is so big when you sit down it pick's up one side of your ass or your whole ass a bit higher and make you lean left or right.
My wallet has so much money when I sit down my assjack makes my right ass cheek higher then the other!
by skywalkerOG March 14, 2015
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Jack-ass done better. Basically, someone who gets on your nerves so much, it's like a car jack being used on your anus.
"You're such a freakin' assjack." Obviously.
by Robert Akins July 25, 2004
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a person that so offends every bodily sense, this person often acts like a buffoon and cannot commit to the social norm. this person is therefore sensually offense, dim witted, physically unfit and is desired by only the most munterish of woman and must have a form of disability that inhibits their motor skills by making their hands constantly click and this kind of person usually has a fat waste of oxygen family.
me: hey assjack

assjack: derpa herpa clickity click

friend: u dumb

assjack: that dont say dumb thats dum B

friend: *punch in face*
by DrToeFingers November 21, 2011
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The backwards form of the favorite word jackass, originating from the show Everybody Loves Raymond.
That dude is such an assjack!
by MSN March 29, 2006
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