1.Noun: Someone who has just said something so stupid, it actually made you shutdown for a few seconds.

2. My neighbor, cause hes a douche.
Brian: "Dude, my dad thought Bob Marley was dead"...

Me: "Bob Marley IS dead....Dude....ur a fuggin Ass Jack!"...
by xXx-Ass-Hat-xXx January 14, 2008
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a jack that is inserted in the anus.
Eeeeeee! That's the noise that ass jack makes. shhhpth
by cactus bunch August 02, 2003
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A person that is such a douche that they will yell at a kid even if it's not their kid. Its basically a Jackass but if a person who isnt good at english said it
Oy! that teacher who yelled at my little Manwell is such an Ass-Jack! Now i will throw a burrito at his car!
by tojo le mucho madre November 04, 2009
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A tool used for opening the ass hole, in order to input the male genitalia. Otherwise used as a duragatory term meaning, or closely placed to, tool mcDouchebag ass face.
1. Dude my girlfriend got an ass jack for us!?

2. You dont have to be an ass jack all your life!
by omegaman6000 April 07, 2011
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someone being really stupid or someone who can't get his priorities straight because he got no ka-hunas!!!
Nick!!, go turn the damn CD player off now u ass-jack!!!
by adam cristallini July 18, 2003
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Yup ass jack, my frigin dad, "Dont push the button on the microwave too hard u will blow it up, dont lean on the fridge u will knock it over, yup hes an ass jack alright. His mexican lookin self belongs on americas most wanted.
by Doob September 30, 2004
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