To loose to someone who is deceased
Dude, I just got Ashcrofted by my dead grandma at a "Crossing Over with John Edwards" show playing a game of rock,paper, scissors.
by cactusboy December 2, 2004
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Meant to be used in places where saying asshole is just not appropriate. Made popular by the replacement of the word asshole in the airline version of the movie Sideways.
J - Dude, I've been noticing footprints leading into and out of my barn the past few mornings.
D - Really, that's strange.
J - Yea, so last night I caught the little pig f*ucker coming out of my barn and he said he just went in there to take a leak.
D - What an Ashcroft!
by I'm the Ashcroft! March 2, 2005
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The most facist moron ever to hold an American public office since ... well ... ever. Creator of many acts that curtail the civil rights of American citizens, and one who endorses the imprisonment and brutal treatment of people without charges.
If ASHCROFT walked into a room containing Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, bin Laden, and Nero, he would be right at home.
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some shit skl in wano full of fake cunts and neeky gyal, who beef everyone buh when it’s time to throw down they skeet
Man: heard you been chatting shit

Likkle boy from ashcroft: nah nah I’m sorry, please don’t hit me

Man: das what I thought
by manlike234155 November 2, 2018
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1. Scary fundamentalist uber-bitch who lost a Senate election to a dead man and who is presently busy wiping his ass with the American Constitution and figuring out new ways to imprison and execute anyone who disagrees with him.

2. Another fascistic Bush lackey.
One Ashcroft in office is more than this country can stand; re-defeat Bush in 2004 to prevent it from happening again.
by Generik July 14, 2003
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syn. Marijuana. Satirical. Usage emerged following then-Attorney General Ashcroft's escalation of drug law enforcement as a priority of the US Department of Justice, in particular a high-profile series of DEA raids on head shops, bong makers, etc., in February 2003.
While I was down south, I scored a bag of Ashcroft.
by Moppet October 19, 2005
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Walking down the street without moving out of the way for other people, like Richard Ashcroft in the Bittersweet Symphony music video.
He is ashcrofting down the street into people. What an asshole.
by dabig1 August 29, 2009
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