To invite someone on the lesser-known form of date where instead of going somewhere outside of the home to socialize with your partner you simply invite them straight into your home. More than often is the intention mainly sexual.
Gus is trying to find a worthy girl tonight to ask in. He's really hoping to get laid.
by TheDemolingtion February 22, 2012
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A sarcastic phrase that re-frames your polite request as a demand.
"Phil can you hand me the remote? Asking not asking!"
by F-Stop FitzgeraldStop October 1, 2017
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"ASKED YOU! Oh wait, no I didn't!!! Fucking idiot delete your account immediately and die also"
by Gronald Beesly May 4, 2020
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The archaic form of the question verb, "to axe."
Being from the late 20th century, Fry's mispronunciation of the interrogative question verb "axe" as "ask" is often lost among his confused kinfolk.
by Just Axe Leela September 15, 2011
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to behave in a way that invites trouble
You ask for it with your attitude about the game.
by The Return of Light Joker September 7, 2008
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It is a prison term for a favor and then you owe the other person a favor in return.
Can I have an ask? I don't do asks. What about a trade?
by Jennifer O'Keefe September 14, 2007
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