Best boi 100 percent would smash oh and good at warframe
Yo you know Aske??
Fuck yeah I do, he's great
by graces bread May 29, 2020
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Something I didn't do

"ASKED YOU! Oh wait, no I didn't!!! Fucking idiot delete your account immediately and die also"
by Gronald Beesly May 04, 2020
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The archaic form of the question verb, "to axe."
Being from the late 20th century, Fry's mispronunciation of the interrogative question verb "axe" as "ask" is often lost among his confused kinfolk.
by Just Axe Leela September 15, 2011
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It is a prison term for a favor and then you owe the other person a favor in return.
Can I have an ask? I don't do asks. What about a trade?
by Jennifer O'Keefe September 13, 2007
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