So increidbly sexy, even the old ones dont look too bad! Ive only seen like 10 ugly Asian Women in my life out of over 1000.
Asian Women, put american women to shame
by bnevs April 4, 2007
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Something the webmasters on UD have an obvious fetish for considering one shows up in about 95% of their front page photos.
by R. Kemp April 24, 2005
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A very serious condition recognizable by several clear symptoms:
1. Persons inflicted with this condition cannot hold eye contact with others for more than 3 seconds without giggling with their hand over their mouth.
2. Persons inflicted with this condition trail off when speaking, getting more and more quiet, until their mouths seem to be moving with no sound coming out.
Asian Women Syndrome girl: ""
Guy: "Ah, bad case of AWS, eh?"
by fatalbear November 24, 2009
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Asian University for Women is an independent, international university in Chittagong, Bangladesh seeking to educate a new generation of leaders in Asia. AUW admits students based on merit, regardless of their family's income level. Nearly all students are on full scholarships, with many as the first in their families to attend university.
Asian University For Women offers two pre-collegiate bridge programs, Access Academy and Pathways for Promise, and a three-year undergraduate program based in the liberal arts and sciences.

Asian University For Women has more than 850 students enrolled from 19 countries across Asia and the Middle East.
by Raisa Amin August 13, 2022
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