A dumba** college student with a barely-passing grade whom a company hires extra-cheaply because he lacks the knowledge/experience to perform his job efficiently, and so he cannot pull a "standard" wage that a properly-qualified laborer could.
According to recent statistics, a majority of schoolteachers are undergraduates who were at the bottom 20% of their classes, both academically and socially. So think of it --- these snooty morons totally suck at even knowing or performing their given professions, and yet they have the job of TUTORING the rest of us! What kinda convoluted bu**s**t is THAT???
by QuacksO November 4, 2018
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An oxymoron. Before one receives a degree, one is an undergraduate (has not graduated). Upon receiving a degree that person becomes a graduate, therefore one can't hold a degree and be an undergraduate. Degrees earned after ones bacelor degree are called graduate degrees, which seems to have led to the mistaken notion that a bachelor degree should be called an "undergraduate degree".
He graduated last year with an undergraduate degree.
by grammarnut December 13, 2010
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An atomic bomb designed by an undergraduate in physics. There have been some cases of an atomic bomb being designed by an undergraduate in physics.One made that his class thesis.
It is a myth that it takes a superbrain to design an atomic bomb. Designing the first one was hard because the basic principles had to be worked out but now that they are known many people with a background in physics can design one.
by Deep blue 2012 February 19, 2010
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1. Labor that you must pay to do in order to graduate.
2. Something that you do not stop showing up for Shawn.
My adviser has been on my ass to finish my undergraduate research.
by dah March 3, 2008
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