I came into the office at 6am and there she is, right on the front page, taking a dump on freddie's chest.
by T. Polkinghorne March 25, 2008
A Man/Woman so hot they could be on the cover of a magazine.
by subject313 January 5, 2013
This phrase refers to facebook when a post, pictures, note, etc. appear on the home news feed. This varies from user to user.
Scenario 1-
Jerry: "Hey, Bridget! How was the vacation with the kids?"
Bridget: "How the hell ...?"
Jerry: "The pictures made front page news on facebook."

Scenario 2-
Ethan: "No one cares about your faggot emo vampire bullshit, stop posting it or I'll block and report you"
James: "YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!¡!!¡111!!1!¡ONE!!"
by The Sock Maniac August 8, 2009
A website where the majority of content is found on the front page.
The sites usually have lots of links to other websites.
Enviromation.net is a front page website. You get all the information you need from the home page.
by BessieBoop October 21, 2013
When you want to be Facebook Official (FBO) and you are sincerely in love with them and want the world of Facebook to know. Facebook Official Front Page aka FBOFP means you are wifed up
They have been dating for 3 years and he doesn't even cheat on her, no wonder they are Facebook Official Front Page (FBOFP). I bet they get married soon!
by Goooooooo July 20, 2010
When you type a bunch of nonsense such as ',./;'#-=', and then Urban Dictionary crashes, you find this page.
And we're assuming that you decided to copy and paste this.
UD: Urban Dictionary is busy right now. Please try again later or go to Urban Dictionary's front page.

Me: bugger off
by Milkiekid March 27, 2021