when you ask someone a question and they begin to answer, but soon get distracted by something.
1: Hey, whats the capital of Idaho?
2: Bo...
1: Did he trail off again?
3: I think so. sigh.
by Ande Withers March 3, 2008
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when a group of people are talking/bitching about someone they're not sure they should be because either someone in the group is a big gossip or friends with the person they're bitching about; they 'beep' out the important words by trailing off.
example of the trail off in action

person 1: yeah i know she's so like.. mm
person 2: yeah and she came in and was like.. yeah
person 1: *agrees* yeah i remember that, it was so like...
person 2: yeah.. what is with her..

by beretvisor September 11, 2009
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Not on the groomed trail or stuck in a hole
God we have to pull him out again . “Hey at least I go off trail”
by Polaris11 November 15, 2019
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to get up from one's chair and walk around with the express purpose of letting a fart rip. This has a few benefits; (1) the smell cannot be easily attributed to the emitter (2) the smell will distribute across a wider area, and dissipate more quickly (3) one's own work area will not become a miasma of the stench of one's own arse (4) it could even be coupled with a quick trip to The Gent's for a hasty kiss from Neptune herself.
I had Jalapeño's in my sandwiches for lunch; time to trail one off before the fog gets too thick
by Clackervalve March 29, 2022
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