An evolving genre of electronic music. Often combines instrumental/orchestral leads with extremely fast and complex beats and rapidfire melodies. Stays at the extremes in terms of tone; either so upbeat it makes you sad out of jealousy at how upbeat it is, or just plain scary and depressing. Not very well-known in the musical world, as there are very few artist who actually produce it. However, its fast beats and complicated melodies have made it very popular in rhythm games such as Osu. Made by xi, ICE, Sakuzyo, occasionally by Yooh, and a few other, mostly Japanese composers. A pretty good pick for anyone who likes classical music but thinks it lacks power, or people who like DnB but think it lacks melodic variety. Sometimes combined with speedcore or trance. The only problem is that you sound super pretentious when you say it.
1: Hey, wanna see my homework playlist?
2: Sure!
1: Here you go, although it's mostly melodic dubstep and artcore.
2: Artcore? Is that what edgy kids these days are calling pop?
1: No, it's completely different. It's--
2: No wait. I'm sure it's "super artistic" because it mentions one world issue and throws a backhanded comment about how shallow teenagers are.
1: jUSt try listening to it.
2: Fine.
1: *hits play*
2: Woah, this is lit! Hit me up with the whole playlist!
Experimental electronic music with acoustic instrumental leads. Not an officially defined genre, but commonly used as a blanket term for unique fusion music of electronic and classical elements.
My favorite Artcore producers are all Japanese
by BOOSTO October 24, 2016
Hardcore music with classical instruments
-“Did you check out Laur’s new artcore song?”
by You’ve been gnomed January 4, 2021
The antonym of "hardcore" in the context of gaming. To play a game on an easy difficulty just out of appreciation of the story, art, music, etc.
Johnny's such an artcore gamer - all he ever cares about is the music in old 8-bit games.
by Aerivan January 14, 2012
A music genre that is an combination of many other genres. It is different from Complextro, which is a combination of many different EDM genres. Artcore doesn't have an official definition, as it is only composed by very few artists.
by OtakuPotato July 13, 2016
An electronic music genre that mixes instrumental music with DnB and Electro (music). The genre is most common within Doujin Music Circles and Rhythm Games.
These artcore songs are very melodic, yet the beat is keep pumping.
by Decepti0n September 16, 2017