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Complextro is a sub-genre of Electro House music. The first credible complextro track is credited as Firepower by Wolfgang Gartner released august 18 2009. The main defining feature of complextro is the cut up bassline sections with heavy modulation and variance. It takes elements of dubstep, fidget house and electro house and combines them together. Since the heaviest influence of complextro is electro house BPM ranges from 126-130 NOT 140.
Did you hear the new complextro track by far too loud?

Oh you mean his remix of exision- sexism?
by Friendly_Intentions March 15, 2013
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Deriving its influences from Heavy basslines of dubstep, electro house, and fidget house, Complextro is a genre that rose during the latter half of 2010 and is usually credited to SebastiAn. The word form comes from complex, and electro, combining to form "complextro". Typically the tempo is a faster 140+ BPM, and the beats may or may not be syncopated, appearing almost as a break-style. Along with that, this genre is typified by heavy basslines and glitchy vocal, and or synth samples, but also by complex additive synthesis(usually 8+ synth patterns per bar count).

This style of music is almost always confused with dubstep, mostly in the case of Skrillex, and Porter Robinson who are two artists currently raping the shit out the genre. Along with them is Wolfgang Gartner, and the aforementioned SebastiAn, and while there are new artists rising, the complexity and difficulty of producing complextro tracks usually makes this genre only fit for the select few.

It's also good at parties

People will also probably not believe that it even exists.
Ex a:
"Hey man, did you hear scary monsters by skrillex? that's some sick dubstep right there"

"excuse me fine sir, but it appears that skrillex is not a dubstep artist at all, but rather a complextro one"

"what the fuck is that?"

Ex b:

"yo man, I just listened to Porter Robinson, that niggah has some tight ass complextro beats for a 19 year old"

"hell yes, negro, Porter Robinson is "the shit", yo"

"yo man, what the fuck is up with your robot voice?"

by IVOTH October 02, 2011
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Some terrible genre of electronic music, made by certified pussy Porter Robinson, which is really just Electro House
"yo this complextro is sickkk bro!"

"Nigga fuck that pussy Porter Robinson, I could pick him up and toss him as far as Tom Brady can throw a football, this shit is electro house!"
by That good DJ nikka! May 29, 2012
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