Artcore music is Hardcore but mixed with classical instruments.
only a few artists does produce this genre.

Some artcore songs:
xi - Ascension to Heaven
xi - Happy End of the World
a_hisa - Synesthesia
a_hisa - Pastel Subliminal
I only listen to artcore.
by r_suma August 2, 2017
An adjective used to describe indie/artsy kids. A cool label for art nerds.
So yesterday I went to Little Five Points with some artcore kids and we spent the whole night stenciling and listening to vinyls.
by C-C-Courtney July 4, 2005
A shitty non-genre of music that kids your roommates sister brings over use to describe the music they like or play when they're trying to sound intelligent, cultured and like they appreciate the dichotomy of music, when in reality, they listen to Oceana.
Dumbass: I can't tell you the name of my band, because we're going to be a big deal, and we want to keep it under wraps. But we play Post-Artcore. We're influenced by... (Starts to name-drop a bunch of shitty bands), So you know, it's awesome.

Me: You're a moron.
by PsychoactiveEyes December 22, 2013