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A dress up game that is made by Lunime. People make videos out of this by using the different poses. These people are called gacha tubers. Some people match the clothing to the skin color and say the characters are ‘naked’. A lot of the community on YouTube is cursed and should belong in the deepest depths of hell.
Girl #1: Have you heard of this new game called Gacha Life UwU
Girl #2: Omg yass show me you’re OC (original character)
by You’ve been gnomed November 3, 2019
That one girl that never gets in trouble, gets praised by the teachers, is really nice, and everyone is always jealous of her but, her mom is a mix of an e-girl, a biker and a Karen.
I can’t think of a use for the word Ella in a sentence
by You’ve been gnomed November 3, 2019
The most annoying bitch ever. But he is good at academics.

You want to hate him, but can’t deny that he’s good at what he does.

He has a talent for most things in school that don’t have to do with athletics, but said talent isn’t harnessed to it’s full ability because he’s lazy and forgetful.
1: “I sit next to Duykha during 4th period
2: “Damn that sucks
1: “At least I can copy off of him”
by You’ve been gnomed December 13, 2021
Hardcore music with French instruments
-“bro, did you see M2U’s new frenchcore song? It sounds good as fuck.”
by You’ve been gnomed January 4, 2021
Hardcore music with classical instruments
-“Did you check out Laur’s new artcore song?”
by You’ve been gnomed January 4, 2021
Full Combo

It means that a person didn’t break their combo in a rhythm game.
Person one: “ Bro look; I got a FC on Freedom Dive

Person 2: “Holy shit bro good for you
by You’ve been gnomed November 14, 2020