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A smooth criminal.
This is as ascended as a fella can get.
He doesn't slip up. He doesn't miss a beat.
When you're around a smiminal, be sure that miscellaneous happenings are in your future.
His QPUs are aligned. His sprites are cranberry. His palms are sweaty, his knees weak, his arms heavy, mom's spaghetti.

This is a man that can, and will, get away with no end of poppycock, piffle, hogwash, malarkey, balderdash, codswallop and shenanigans before the day is out.
-You ever wish you could go back in time and say that thing you thought of just now, but when it was relevant?
-All the time, man. If I could think that fast I'd be the smoothest smiminal on the block.
A deceptively easy philosophical question, and one of the two core concepts of existentialism, the other being our insignificance on the massive scale of the universe. The one answers the other: existence has no meaning. Meaning is a construct of our imaginations. It is inherently irrelevant to any philosophical discussion and should never be taken for a concrete fact. There you go. Jesus, guys, calm down now. It's not that hard.
Borb sneepington: Wow, this spaghetti is amazing! It's so good, it makes me wonder about the meaning of existence.
Fred: Don't kid yourself. The taste of spaghetti is no more than a side-effect of the chemical structure of your human brain. Existence is too big for any of us pathetic creatures to give a meaning. Anyone who thinks about such questions is only a mere animal just like the rest, telling themselves a half-hearted lie to make themselves feel more intelligent or more important, as a method to cope with the thought of their utter insignificance on the grand scale of the universe, as we are all no more than an infinitesimal specks lost of
In the cold dark emptiness of our lives.
Borb: Wow. That's deep.
Fred: No. Our pathetic ideals are incredibly shallow. We drag out our tiny lives to fulfill them while in reality we know nothing of the world except that what little early we do know will not save us from the inevitable release of death.
An evolving genre of electronic music. Often combines instrumental/orchestral leads with extremely fast and complex beats and rapidfire melodies. Stays at the extremes in terms of tone; either so upbeat it makes you sad out of jealousy at how upbeat it is, or just plain scary and depressing. Not very well-known in the musical world, as there are very few artist who actually produce it. However, its fast beats and complicated melodies have made it very popular in rhythm games such as Osu. Made by xi, ICE, Sakuzyo, occasionally by Yooh, and a few other, mostly Japanese composers. A pretty good pick for anyone who likes classical music but thinks it lacks power, or people who like DnB but think it lacks melodic variety. Sometimes combined with speedcore or trance. The only problem is that you sound super pretentious when you say it.
1: Hey, wanna see my homework playlist?
2: Sure!
1: Here you go, although it's mostly melodic dubstep and artcore.
2: Artcore? Is that what edgy kids these days are calling pop?
1: No, it's completely different. It's--
2: No wait. I'm sure it's "super artistic" because it mentions one world issue and throws a backhanded comment about how shallow teenagers are.
1: jUSt try listening to it.
2: Fine.
1: *hits play*
2: Woah, this is lit! Hit me up with the whole playlist!
A comment typed by frustrated redditors when their posts aren't hitting r/all on a daily basis, so they complain about low-quality posts, reposts, and what have you in order to guilt trip everyone else.
"Another repost; this sub has gone to shit. What happened to original, high-quality content? This is why I hate redditors." -redditors
by God is dead and we killed him September 17, 2020
1. The cause of salty users wanting to shit on their friends by using their names and writing a negative description like this:

bob is thot ass needs to die and no one likes him bob is gay
By: Steve1"

We all know that the publisher of the article, Steve, is just some guy who has an IRL enemy called Bob, and he's hoping to get his payback in a really weird, pathetic way. Giving Steve ground isn't helping anyone else out.

2. An outlet for egotistical people obsessing over themselves with a positive description, like this:

bernard is the nicest most amazing and godly person you will ever meet!!! hes amazingt at everything1!
By: Bernard9"

As if people using this site for nothing but bashing people they don't like wasn't bad enough, giving platforms to people who just want to kiss their own ass all the time is possibly worse, because by voting for those definitions, you're basically telling them they're right, that they really are "above" everyone else.

These are ruining the site. Even if most of them never get approved, having to filter through a bunch of them before finding a legitimate article can be really annoying. And they're not even the kind of thing people will keep saying; no one will, after reading that article, start saying "That guy's such a Bob, ugh." They may have been a little funny at first, but when they start to eat up the entire website, the humor starts to diminish. And this trend has LONG since outlived its appeal.
Alright, let's review some articles. Let's see, what have we got...
Definitions for names, some more definitions for names, a pun, more names, more names, more names, "My dick," with the article describing it as extremely large names, names, names, names, a youtuber no one knows, probably written by himself, names names, oh look at this, a treasure trove of weird kinky fantasies that no one wants to know about, names, names, names, names... Oh there! Finally a real slang word, internet meme or cultural element!