Hey did you hear about tommy buying chocolate for the teacher? He’s such a Laur
by The mafia is back baby February 9, 2021
The prettiest, cutest, best, nicest, most amazing, shortest, most beautiful girl on the planet.
Wow, Lauren, you're a real Laur!

Ali, shut the Fuck up

(This is a typical conversation)

Yeah I really don't have any chances do I?
Miss you xx
by Big PP reddit gang October 2, 2019
Laur Laur Is a nick name for girls with the name Lauren
Laur Laur can you go grab me some chips
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
larure is great you have to meet her!
laure is the best
by eee161 March 10, 2018
Laure is one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. Clever and beautiful, people often are taken aback by her wit and beauty. She has a Bitch Resting Face, but she's still super cute, because her smile is amazing. She likes older men. Much much older. Like she'll date a guy who's 45 even if she's like 22. But it's okay because she's a Laure.
- Why is Laure kissing her dad ?
- That's not her dad you dumbass, that's her boyfriend.
by helloedaj March 28, 2017