A girl with a super hot body, but with an ugly face. As compared to the Cleveland Brown's uniform: Great uniform, ugly helmet.
Yo, bitch's body was slammin'...too bad she was a Cleveland Brown.
by the chocolate elvis April 25, 2003
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Similar to a dirty sanchez, only, after anal sex, you smear the poo under each eye,thus resembling a football player.
Last night I tackled my girlfriend below the 10 yard line, turned her tight end into a wide reciever and penalized her with a Cleveland Brown..
She promptly retaliated by sacking my quarterback (penis).
by Fulltime667 December 19, 2004
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A character on family guy and formely the cleveland show. Not to be confused with the cleveland browns of th nfl.
by the guy September 17, 2015
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a brand of pot only found in cleveland.
so shitty, it's brown.
Man, I paid a dollar for a joint, but it turns out it was the cleveland brown. I did not get high.
by sanchpa March 30, 2005
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An NFL football team in the AFC that despite having many disapointing seasons or heartbreaking losses still have some of the most die hard, hardcore, loyal fans in all of football.
Joe:I got tickets to the Cleveland Browns game this Sunday. I'm pumped!

Dave: Aw man but they're probably gonna lose.

Joe: I don't care I love this team!!!!
by shgsat January 25, 2009
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The act of hooking up with a Cleveland Brown; banging a girl who is ugly but has a nice body; getting with a butterface; shagging a bagger.
Brian went Cleveland Browning the other night. He slept with a girl with a really hot body, but her face was gross.
by PMax March 9, 2008
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