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The town where the the greatest drinkers on Earth are molded into weapons of mass drinkstruction
Guy 1 - Where are you from
Guy 2 -
Guy 1 - Damn, you must be able drink alot
Guy 2 - Yea
by Dingting May 22, 2007
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An extremely EXTREMELY pathetic town 20 minutes away from New York City. Not small enough that everyone knows EVERYONE, but let's just say that town is a Starbucks, CVS, and like six other stores? Very boring and 90% of the people here are white rich suburbanites who have no idea of life past the small walls of Westchester. It is said to be quite 'diverse' though, at least the schools, and our schools are extremely 'good' and teach us 'a lot'. Right...
Also, sadly, the hometown of Jesse McCartney. Stupid druggie that he is.
Person 1: Look I'm from Ardsley
Others: Mob and Kill
by Bored White Suburbanite April 02, 2005
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ardsley is one sq mile, where everybody knows everybody elses shit, no secrets are kept, and more than half the hs smokes weed on a daily basis. Also, home of monte, the smartest kid ever, also, DAVE BROWN once looked at me
im from ah-rdsley bc im rich
by monte December 14, 2004
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