Very talented actor. Born April 9, 1987. He plays Keith in the movie "Keith". Voice of Theodore in Alvin and The Chipmunks(movies). He is also a singer. Just to name a few, his songs include "Beautiful Soul", "She's No You", "Because You Live", "Just so you know" "Leavin'", "How do you Sleep".

No relation to Beatle Paul McCartney.
Jesse McCartney
by Baby_Blues May 18, 2009
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Very hott singer, actor and singer. He is a gift from heaven and his new single Leavin' is the best song ever. Who doesnt like obviously has no or bad taste in music!!! I wish he was my bf!
OMG I luv Jesse McCartney and his new single Leavin'. *drooling and staring at his pictures*
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a super sexy and talented singer and actor who makes me hot! jezuz all the stuff i would do 2 him...
jesse mccartney your a sexy beast and you know it what are you doing 2 night.
by my heart melts December 5, 2007
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noun- an actor, singer, and super hot 17 year old. He acts on the new show Summerland and used to be on All My Children. He is a wonderful singer and looks awesome. He is good looking and everyone wants a piece of him!
-Hey Katie, did you watch that new episode of Summerland?
-No, was Jesse McCartney in it?
-Heck yea, Jesse is so sexy, he makes the whole show!
by Jessie T June 24, 2004
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The VA of Roxas. Very fruity. On the same wavelength as Hannah Montana.
Roxas: Because you live!!!!
Namine: Shut up or I'll strangle you!!!
Roxas: You just hate it when I sing because I sing like Jesse McCartney!!!
by DoodooMan October 13, 2007
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The hottest guy ever
The bests singer and actor in this world
I love Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney is so hot
by Jenny 411 October 14, 2006
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Basically, GOD. A totally cute, sweet and fun to hang out with guy who really is normal. And for all of those ou there who do not agree, it's probs because they are deaf, blind and stupid.
Did you see that guy? He was soo cute!
Yeah, that was Jesse McCartney
by jessemccartneygirl January 12, 2010
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