To finesse; to attract; to seduce; to win
Dude, Chelsea might think she’s too good for me, but I’m totally going to apricot her into being my girlfriend.
by Jugy January 21, 2019
A misspelling of appreciate,

To signify gratefulness for something.
Kyle: I apricot our friendship!
Riley: We apricot you too.
by MithralCrusher August 11, 2019
Apricots are Yellowish-Beige fruits (Almost like Peaches), and is also the Yellow Beige color we all know.
1: That Apricot was so good.

2: I like the color Apricot
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019
A rich spoiled white kid. One who would be at home at a trailer park.
You know that kid Andrew? Yeah he's a total Apricot
by Apricot h8r October 15, 2017
The term often used by military snipers to describe the cerebellum region of the brain. This is a prime target area and is the general shape and size of an apricot, hence the slang name of apricot.
I put a round right through that fuckers apricot!
by enhanced April 13, 2008
the l33test fruit on the planet earth.
apr1c0t owns j00 no0b.
by apr1c0t October 18, 2003