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Another way to say "n00b" or "newb" Meaning a newbie, new to everything, or something in paticular.
You're such a fucking no0b.
by Brian October 14, 2003
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When your so pissed off from losing multiple amount of games that you play worse and worse till your so pissed you begin leaning over your keyboard screaming over every little mistake you make and complaining about gaming imbalances

(Common in Starcraft II)
"Why is johnny screaming at his computer"

"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
by Lashley1337 February 14, 2012
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Often used to refer to anoying newbies or those who behave in a certain manner to deliberatly antagonise or irrate others.
Team killers, Tank Stealers, Kill Stealers etc
by FistOFun October 30, 2003
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used by proper internet g33ks
never, i repeat never say "what no0bs" or "pwnd" in real life. keep it for world of warcraft,
"omfgz yr such a no0b"
by kirstiee February 21, 2008
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a stupid insult really meaning "you have a life" or "your not living with your mom at the age of 49". Often used by people that are really really really stupid and/or angry nerdish
OMG, this noob does't eeven no that teh Sword of Chalderon iz wurth 12K gp mhore the Amulet of Dragontalk. ROFL LOL, what a dum noob. ijlfahuio74389758904vnjks92--4957894hif
by Jimmykrakorn December 09, 2004
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someone who has a life and is new to a game. So people who spend more than 20 hours a week playing a game can feel good about themselves by calling people "noobs", A insult thats not really much of an insult
Man that cool guy is such a noob....i wish i had a life like him
by fonderplague February 15, 2004
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A scammer, spammer, or general ne'er do well. No0bs often think it's cool to use chatspeak constantly and may own at least one program designed to steal information.
by auracyan April 29, 2004
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