Another way to say "n00b" or "newb" Meaning a newbie, new to everything, or something in paticular.
You're such a fucking no0b.
by Brian October 15, 2003
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used by proper internet g33ks
never, i repeat never say "what no0bs" or "pwnd" in real life. keep it for world of warcraft,
"omfgz yr such a no0b"
by kirstiee February 21, 2008
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a stupid insult really meaning "you have a life" or "your not living with your mom at the age of 49". Often used by people that are really really really stupid and/or angry nerdish
OMG, this noob does't eeven no that teh Sword of Chalderon iz wurth 12K gp mhore the Amulet of Dragontalk. ROFL LOL, what a dum noob. ijlfahuio74389758904vnjks92--4957894hif
by Jimmykrakorn December 9, 2004
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A scammer, spammer, or general ne'er do well. No0bs often think it's cool to use chatspeak constantly and may own at least one program designed to steal information.
by auracyan April 29, 2004
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Often used to refer to anoying newbies or those who behave in a certain manner to deliberatly antagonise or irrate others.
Team killers, Tank Stealers, Kill Stealers etc
by FistOFun October 30, 2003
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someone who has a life and is new to a game. So people who spend more than 20 hours a week playing a game can feel good about themselves by calling people "noobs", A insult thats not really much of an insult
Man that cool guy is such a noob....i wish i had a life like him
by fonderplague February 15, 2004
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anybody using this definition is one them selves. Ano0b is another name for a nipple, no0b originates from the latin word bo0b. Elonaire doyle was the original founder of no0bing. One may no0b something in a game of halo. To puwn a no0b would be a very good thing if you where a sad homosexual living at home with your mum at 43 to obese to go outside.
*G-d i can't wait to puwn thoes no0bs
*You have masssive no0bs
*wow i wish my no0bs wher elike yours
*leme see your no0bs
by Lora x x February 26, 2007
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