nickname for the man sack, resembling the wrinkly skin of a dried apricot.
"i'll never understand how gay guys go down on guys.. i mean... its like having your face slapped by a dried apricot while choking to death on a hotdog!!"
by ME!!!!!! May 9, 2006
Say kid that is stupider than stupid it self
John: what is 1+1. Jerry:13. John. You autistic apricot where the h*ll do you get 13 from.
by I’m classified as an egg November 3, 2019
any Gordon Ramsay insult, fits with idiot sandwich, dense cabbage, emotional salami, etc.
A: have you heared of insert name B: the dyslexic apricot?? Oh yeah!
by emotional salami December 14, 2020
The correct term for 'uppercut'. To punch or to kick somebody in an upwards motion.
'Then Apricot'
'I think it's an uppercut'
'I don't care, I'm calling it an apricot'
*proceeds to do the act of apricotting*
by NoahJones August 20, 2017
It is a nickname made for Jeon Jungkook of BTS and for him only; used to describe and praise his cute and talented personality
Missing my dignified apricot :(“

“Look how proud my dignified apricot looks”

Cutest most talented dignified apricot”
by Baby highness August 2, 2022
1. Bubbly Clumsy person with brown LUTCHous hair

2. Friends with a salt shaker

3. Friends with grasshoppers (gertrude, estrella, pavilion, large cheese)

4. better than you

5. there is only one in the world
"I am amazing."
"Dude you're an Apricot Queen."
by Apricot Queen February 24, 2016