Another name for "tribbing" or "tribadism," the act of two women grinding their clitori (what is the plural for clitoris, anyway?) together to sexy results.
That porn got kinda boring after awhile because the women kept punching apricots, and you just can't see anything when they do that.
by Parkcow May 14, 2007
It’s someone who is a rat by definition i.e, snitch, thief etc.
Me: Did you hear about what katie did the other day?
Billy: No what did she do?
She was such a fictional apricot, she told on everyone who wrote on the bathroom wall
by Wee irish lad March 11, 2018
An unholy meal universally hated by all. Disgust towards the vile concoction transcends all race, sex and religion.

Regarded as the meal of the Devil, ancient religious texts have quoted apricot chicken as the meal served to those in hell.
“And the Lord smote Cain into damnation, sentencing him to an eternity of fire, torment and apricot chicken
by Prophet M May 5, 2018
Girl 1: hon, your skin is lookin FAB. Spill the secrets!

Girl 2: It’s the apricot scrub!

Girl 1: gotta get me some of dat!
by MOIST_SOCKS1104 January 16, 2018
The opposite of a 'sausage fest'. When a party is all girls and no boys have shown up/been invited. If it's an accidental apricot fest this can be incredibly embarrassing for the host, however if it's intended, there's always a fun night to be had :
'Whoa Caitlin, why did you invite me to this apricot fest?' or "Wow Caitlin, this apricot fest sure cheered me up after my boyfriend split up with me!'
by merrydothappy January 2, 2010
piece of flesh hanging from vaginal regions of female who's pussy has copped a battering over the years
"check the dried apricot hanging from that strippers beaver
by John Doe April 22, 2003
a males discharge that is usually a little more sticky than usual
Awehhh shit you done filled up my penis pump with apricot jelly!
I ought to slap that shit out yo ass
by fffamouss January 16, 2009