5 definitions by LOLDayIsAFriday26

1) Fuchsias are Pinkish-Red flowers and they are hard to draw on sheets of paper and can be placed in your flower garden (If you have one).

2) Fuchsia is a Pink-Red-Magenta color that looks pretty interesting
1) Those Fuchsias are beautiful in the Garden, I don't want to remove them, ever.

2) I had a really hard time choosing a favorite color so I went with Fuchsia.
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019
Those dots on your tongue when you stick your tongue out on something metal, (Like a mirror or glass), Taste Buds are like president voters and the food is the president, the taste buds will depend if the food (or taste) is good or bad.
1) I ate some mangoes and my taste buds thinks its very good, the mangoes are the new president.

2) Person 1: There are some light pink things on my tongue and I think its a tongue infection!! Person 2: No, Those are your taste buds.
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019
Teal is Blue-Green color, It is also as well as a Dark Turquoise, Sometimes can be a very popular Turquoise, (Possibly more popular than Turquoise or Azure), Teal rhymes with my favorite word sometimes, Meal!!
1: Teal is Blue-Green (Dark).

2: I like the color Teal.
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019
1: A leaf that grows on maple trees

2: The Symbol of Canada
1: That maple syrup was so delicious thanks to a maple leaf

2: I like going to Canada because it originates maple leaves and maple syrup
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 January 4, 2020
Apricots are Yellowish-Beige fruits (Almost like Peaches), and is also the Yellow Beige color we all know.
1: That Apricot was so good.

2: I like the color Apricot
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019