To take a handful of flour and throw it in somebody's face while they are sleeping (preferably with a hangover). With the addition of recent technology, documentation of antiquing has increased tenfold. Popular doumentation methods include photography, but better yet, video.
1. Let's go antique his ass!

2. Frank got antiqued SO bad, we even got it on video! Oh shit lemme see.

Person1: Oh shit I can't believe you guys did this... shit man.
Person2: You got yo ass ANTIQUED frizank!
by noodles April 3, 2003
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To fling a fistful of powder in someone's face when they are sleeping. Usually, flour is used, but other types of antiquing include: granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, pancake mix, cinnamon, and chocolate milk mix.
Time to antique that worthless shitfuck.
by Schuyler August 10, 2003
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To pack a pulverized substance (preferably baby powder, corn starch, or flour) in ones butt crack and then fart in somebody's face
whoever falls asleep first is going to get antiqued for sure.
by Clevername16 November 8, 2015
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An older ladies' (see cougar) vagina.
Have you seen Mrs. Coutler's antiques? They are a sight to behold.
by Roger's Ms. March 17, 2011
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While having sex with a person. Pull out before ejactulation and cum in your own hand; then proceed to slap the person in the face with it.
That girl is dirty, I know because I antiqued her just the other night.
by NsstyN8 June 12, 2008
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Does anyone use this word anymore? If you do, you're a nerd.

And why are you looking this up on Urban Dictionary? Urban Dictionary is not an actual dictionary, you know!
Person 1: "It seems a bit antiquated to me."
Person 2: "What the fuck does that mean?"
Person 1: "Old fashioned or outdated."
Person 2: "Fucking nerd."
by Mickey_G_ April 24, 2019
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