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When putting two profanities in one word, usually said when not thinking.
Assface: "Shitfuck, I forgot my keys"
Assfucker:"Go get them!"
by Poisonivy August 11, 2005
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a term used when you dont have the words to express how you really feel
person A: dude by the way those bumps down there are herpes.
person B: shit fuck!!!!!!!
by nsu22snowdemon November 07, 2002
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An annoying, impeding, or otherwise undesirable person or object. Variation of Fuckshit.
"You sir, are undeniably a true shitfuck in every sense of the word."
by Erik Jacobson May 22, 2005
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1. v. To engage in anal intercourse with an individual whose rectum is full of feces, resulting in feces covering the erection. 2. n. An act or instance of shitfucking. (Vars. shit-fuck; shit fuck.) Note: This is not the everyday type of getting-shit-on-your-dick that happens all the time with ass-fucking; this is the intentional fucking of a shit-filled ass.
Because he had invited me over for a nice long shitfuck I made sure I held my shit in all day long. He loves to shitfuck me.
by Mr. Shitfuck July 15, 2011
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An expression used when just yelling "Fuck" is not enough. Also a gay sex position.
*stubs pinky toe on chair*
Oh Shit-Fuck! That hurt!
by A Manly Ape September 23, 2014
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