To fuck a girl so hard that her vagina turns into nothingness.
"Oh man, I totally pulverized Katy last night!"
by The Quagmire Impressionist November 27, 2017
syn: kill, murder, kick butt
used while cheering for a sports team
"Come on, team! PULVERATE 'em!!!!"
by Haley Ben December 1, 2007
Jacking off at hyper speed with a finger in your ass.
Yesterday was terrible, I forgot to wash my hands after a pulverizer and my finger stunk all night.
by BreakerOneNine May 9, 2010
A term to describe the sick, gnarly nature of a person. A human god.
Dude, did u see that Pulver? What a beast.

He's a Pulver. thats fo sho.
by dachampster April 29, 2010
When fingering a girl, you stick your whole fist into her vagine. This menuver can not be done smoothly, it must be a hasty punch.(simple yet effective)
Bro, i gave Elise the pulverizer and she was sore for weeks.
by schlogden February 19, 2008
when someone squirts shit all over the back side of the toilet bowl.

(can also be used as a noun)
"You can't use my bathroom. I just cleaned and you just ate all you can eat pancakes at IHOP. You're gonna pulverize all over the place."

"Mr. Owl, how many normal shits does a pulverize count as?"
by ATMJess May 27, 2007