A funny, socially awkward but all around a cool guy. Usually either a nerd or a hunk. Means masculine. He is not the hottest guy but he makes up for it with a ton of jokes and intelligence. Grumpy when tired, but will always make you smile. He is generally a good person.
That guy kept making me laugh with Ebola jokes

He must be an Andy!
by Fartsy October 10, 2014
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The most amazing guy ever. Can be shy and kinda quiet. Rele annoying at times, and jokes around way too much. None of that matters though because he is the guy that yu could call up crying at 3 am and he'd be there for yu. The one who noes how to pick u up, when everything seems to fall apart. Makes life a little bit eaiser just by being there, and just makes you wanna smile.
Girl : I was crying in the middle of the night so I called up Andy.
by xooooooxoxoxooxoxoooooooooooo January 08, 2011
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The baddest bitch of them all. The bitch of all bitches, the idgaf attitude, the fuck you and fight me kind of person.
by Baddest of them all November 20, 2012
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An extremely cool & handsome sonofabitch that every woman wants to screw & every guy wants to be his friend.
Andy = Awesome
by huh uh huh February 03, 2010
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An amazing man who all ladies want to spit game at, he is getting boned very often he is most likely getting some rightnow, he is a boss at everything he does you name it surfing, skating, and doing tricks on fixed gear bikes.
omg, Andy is such a fucking cutie.
by Fixed gear December 31, 2011
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to knock someone out of their chair
Person 1: "hey give me back my seat!"
Person 2 "no!"
*Person 1 tips the chair over, Person 2 falls on the floor*
Person 3 "ohhhhh, he just got andied(andyed)!"
by wafflezer May 20, 2015
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