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A game of slavery. Anime, Cards, Video Games, and the influence of slavery to little kids. In the anime, Ash, a ten year old kid who never grows up, even that he is over thirty, leaves his house late to get his first slave. It turns out that he will become homeless, never returning home ever. After he gets his yellow rat, he travels with his slave to get more slaves, catching a bird with his fucking shirt, instead of his balls you put them in. Exposing his nipples and belly to a wild animal, this proves he is already dumb, as he leaves at ten, not fully educated. Also, it is dangerous to have little fourth and fifth graders venture into the wild alone without anyone watching them. They travel around, gambling for money, as they use their slaves to fight instead of other things like mass plantations, which would give them more than trying to catch a rare type of creature. It even seems that money doesn't exist, except that of gambling. Its weird. Nurse Joy shouldn't be too happy, as she most likely doesn't get paid. There is even a black one too. What happens in the video game when you have too much? Well, you fucking shove them in a PC. This is a bad influence to kids of all ages and is slavery
Do you like slavery? Well then try Pokemon! Pokemon, the Japanese Slavery Game.
by Cheesy Comics November 07, 2018
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a person who occurs in a movie series and plays with toys who doesn't know he's torturing them
by Cheesy Comics October 10, 2018
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A comic created by two idiots about a mouse named "Cheesy" who travels around the world and a screaming man. There is an evil rock, dora the creep, boots the stalker, and a 'NO ADS' mouse who hates ads.
U read the latest cheesy comics?
Its great!
by Cheesy Comics October 18, 2018
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a way to indicate that the word you searched for doesn't appear in existence of urban dictionary
Search: gtrghtyjjtfyhjd

Sorry, we couldn't find:gtrghtyjjtfyhjd
by Cheesy Comics October 11, 2018
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