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Antonov An-22

The Antonov An-22 was developed by Oleg Antonov. It first flew in February of 1965. It could fly at six hundred seventy-nine kilometers per hour and for ten thousand nine hundred fifty kilometers with a forty-five thousand kilogram payload. It could carry as much as a one hundred thirty-six thousand kilogram payload. The An-22 is the third largest plane in the world, beaten only by the 747 and the C-5A. The An-22 delivered almost all of the war supplies from Cuba and Angola to the ground forces in Africa during the Angolan War. The nose features two large radars that aid the pilot with navigations, mapping, weather, and airdropping.

Type: troop carrier
Dimensions: length 57.8m; wingspan 64.4m; height 12.53m
Speed: 679km/h
Range: 10950km
Payload: 80000kg
The An-22 is dropping paratroopers over Saigon.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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