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Alexism is the definition of being happy, and not cutting yourself, you see to become a Alex you must first reject all sadness in your life, Alexism happily accepts everyone who would not cut themselves, or hurt others, for one you don't want to go on 4chan . org, for this taints the mind because of people who looks at CP, and Scat.
Become a Alex today!
Don't reject Alexism, because your family isn't close, don't reject them! Love them, even though they may not love you~
by AlexismLucky777 September 29, 2009
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Alexism is a modern religion which bases on the idea of not wearing bras. Alexists believe that wearing bras should be a choice rather than a requirement. They pray to Aphrodite (Goddess of beauty). This religion also believes Alexa is the new Jesus.

Sasha is and always will be the first member to support Alexism.

For further information on Alexism, pray to Aphrodite and ask for her guidance on how to find Alexa.
Oh, my Alexa! I've decided to be part of Alexism!
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by a l e x a August 09, 2018
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