One who is a member of a cult.
There were some cultist freaks passing out brochures door-to-door the other day.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
a child of mine hehehhee
I am a cultist, a child of GOD.
by god??? February 11, 2019
Someone who is sexually attracted to musical instruments.
- Hey, where’s my trumpet?
- I gave it to the cultist.
- You what?!
by The third spaghetti created December 28, 2017
a bitcoin "enthusiast" that worships bitcoin and believes it is the only valid cryptocurrency (considers all other coins as "shitcoins"); their entire self-worth is defined entirely around bitcoin and its movement. Easily incensed at the mere existence of any other cryptocurrencies, and attacks anyone whom they perceive may have said anything even remotely negative about bitcoin.

Can be easily identified by the toxic nature they bring to any cryptocurrency discussion (especially when uninvited), and adherence to cult-like rituals, like having avatar and profile pictures with 'satanic eyes', and calling whom they consider 'bitcoin non-believers' as being "rekt". Bitcoin Cultists also live under the belief that soon the entire financial system will suddenly collapse all at once, and that they'll magically be the only ones left standing, without being able to actually articulate exactly how this will all happen.
"Mary is a bitcoin proponent, but Pete is just an outright bitcoin cultist!"
by JuliusCesarus June 29, 2021
Someone who thinks the katana is the ultimate weapon, unbeatable by any other sword. Also call Kanata Fanbois.
"Dude look what I got! It's a combat ready katana! Imma win for sure now!"
"I never had you pegged for a Katana Cultist, get that out of here."
by Nilgodmode January 21, 2015
A person that renders unfailing support to the president no matter what nefarious things the president says or does.
The president just lied for the 400th time, but I still support him.” “That’s because you’re a trump cultist.”
by Tyrannosaurus wrex November 3, 2017
Not to be confused with actual respectable scientists, science cultists are blindly religious fanatics who have warped the idea of scientific study into a universal scapegoat to justify their beliefs and mock anyone who may suggest otherwise.

Often highly vocal gnostic atheists on the internet, science cultists assert that current scientific consensus is always objective truth, that scientific theories are inherently true and therefore can never be questioned or improved upon in any way (regardless of new evidence), that religion/spirituality and science are 100% incompatible, and that if you disagree with or question them in any way, then you don't believe in 'science' and therefore your opinion is meaningless.

Additionally, science cultists are people who are quick to try and justify their political views with select biased political interest group funded studies. They think that highly complex, ever-changing fields involving uncountable factors such as economics, personal psychology, and future weather trends can be fully and accurately predicted through statistical models. If other studies conclude otherwise, they're nonscientific and biased... because 'science’.
Good Scientist: I'd like to set up a study on the correlation of solar activity in relation to climate change, as I question that manmade CO2 is as big of an issue as most politicians and UN scientists currently state. Perhaps other factors play a bigger role? I'd like to gather more data and see what I can discover.

Science Cultist: Manmade climate change is proven scientific FACT. If you think otherwise, you shouldn't be allowed to participate in scientific studies; you clearly don't believe in SCIENCE.

Good Scientist: I didn't say it wasn't true, I'm just questioning things and trying to conduct further experimentation as good scientists ought to do.

Science Cultist: You either accept scientific fact or you don't. You clearly don't. You probably don't believe in the theory of evolution either.

Good Scientist: You're such a science cultist.

Science Cultist: AD HOMINEM ATTACK!! You can't even logically address my argument... typical. That's because I have logic and science on my side.
by danto May 24, 2016