An elite human being, funny as fuck, full time shagger, invincible
That boy is soooo ale
by Ffghjdssertyyuh April 12, 2020
The biggest drama queen in the world. He is always the loudest person in the room with the most attitude and always the main character. He doesn’t like a lot of people. But if he do likes you, he cares and loves you more than anything. And we all love him. Everyone needs an Ale in their life.
Lisa : oh my god I love Him. He always makes me laugh.

Oliver : I know, he is so funny. I love him.

Redät : I love him too. It’s our Ale.
by LiloLover62 September 12, 2022
Shes an amazing friend or girlfriend if your lucky. Shes so sweet but you need to show her you love her, telling her wont cut it. If you date her show her off, kiss her, hold her hand, make her feel like shes the only girl in the world. Never let her go, youll regret it.
by Hi ily October 27, 2020
This person is amazing, cool, and nice ,but some times can be crazy.
by Sudoio April 29, 2019
A dumbass that doesn't have a life and isn't productive.
Gosh Lilia is such an ale
by Emma dilema June 10, 2020
The Term "Ale" or "Being An Ale" is defined as a person who acts gay or pretends to be gay around the homies (Homiesexual) but isn't actually gay
Chris: I hate that kid
Mango: Why?!
Chris: BC hes so sus and acts like such an Ale
by MangoDefines June 17, 2022