A decent place. No more, no less. England varies depending mostly on what city you stay in. Yes, we have a problem with immigration, chavs, an underachieving football team, but we're not full of tea drinkers, with awful teeth/food either.

As the author of #1 stated, we have an unhealthy relationship with the other nations in the U.K, due to things that happened centuries ago, and sports games, but none of us really took off until we combined. My wife is Welsh, and I love her with all my heart.

Simply put, we are just an alright country.
In England, you are sure to have both good and bad experiences.
by A person from england January 9, 2010
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You know its Nick Crompton
And My collar stays poppin

yeah i can rap

and no im not from Compton
England is my city
by TRDZ September 4, 2017
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Englander is someone of English descent living in a foriegn country that has not given up their traditional cultural manerisms in favour of their adopted cultural ways.
Once an Englander always an Englander.
Despite living in an adopted culture the man remains in the ways of an Englander true to his heritage, an outsider on the inside.
by Kegie April 9, 2010
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English people are pissed off that American's think they drink tea and say 'spiffing' and shite.

Americans are pissed off becauses English people think they're all fat and stupid.

Yes, if it wasnt for England, America wouldnt be as we know it. Then again, if it wasnt for America, England wouldnt be what it is today either.

Face this fact: The two countries can't survive without eachother. Get over it, get on with your lives. (:

(written by a proud English woman) ;D
England: America has a loaaad of fat people
America: Yeah, but you guys have distgusting teeth
Random Country: Guys! GUYS! Stop fighting! Be united in peaaaaaacee dudes
England: /:
America: |:
England: Yeah. Ok. Hey, America - wanna play some football?
America: What?
England: 'Soccer' /:
America: LOL go on then :L
by EnglandIsStillBetterThanUSAx January 20, 2011
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England is an alright country, depending on what part of England you're from it's a nice place to live. Many of Englands sterotypes are untrue or are untrue now for example bad teeth I've never met anyone in real life with black teeth and I've lived in England my whole life. I'm not saying England is the best country in the world because I don't think it is but i don't think it's as bad as most of these definitions are making out.
England is a fun place to live you know!!
by Gido&Jessicerr December 31, 2010
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A country steeped in both sucess and failure, and hated by many, loved by few.

Lets take it's people for example, there are some amazingly decent people in England. There are great comedians, fantastic actors and brilliant musicians.

However, these are few and far between, for every good person, there are 20 'chavs' (the lower breed of society who have corrupted England, and make me loathe my own country)

I think however, you can say this about every country, for the American's perhaps its the 'redknecks'. For the scottish, perhaps its also chavs.

I think everyone that has seen the other's descriptions clouded in hate, you should really think to yourself; is it right to stereotype an ENTIRE nation, based on the acts that you SEE in the media.

For example, you probably didn't know that Stephen Hawking would only be alive thanks to our health service?

That wasn't publicised much, because people love to hate and they always will.

Lose the crumpet, tea, teeth etc stereotype and make some judgments for yourself, instead of the crappy view the media presents you.

If your so much better people, then you shouldn't judge like that :-)
England has its up and down's, our support for other's has corrupted our gene pool and ruined our country. There is still some good left, and that should be nurtured, not ignored.
by Azton January 9, 2010
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