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A British word, usually used by " the lads" to define someone who is
1. a bit of a ladies man
2. the soul of the party
It can also be used in sarcastic terms to define someone who is the complete opposite such as a bald, old wrinkled geezer.
" Im a total shagger! Poked a wifie in the pisher and got a blowie fae another!"
" Check out that old yin, wit a shagger! ha ha!"
by Ginga February 23, 2005
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Derived from "Squillionaire," "squill" is a dereogatory term for anyone who accumulates, flaunts, hoardes, or otherwise posseses wealth beyond reason.
Uugh, look at that squill parking his Lambo in the bike lane.

This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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1. A player (someone who has allot of game)
2. Fucker
by Kevin December 23, 2003
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Northern regional dialect. Can be used in place of words such as "pal" or "mate"
Oreyt shagger, how the fuck are ya?
by PMJSDM March 13, 2017
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noun- a seducer of young, vulnerable women
Jude: He's a shagger.
Lucy: A what?
Jude: A shagger... a Dong Juan. A seducer of young, vulnerable women.
by judeacrosstheuniverse May 22, 2011
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Slang in scotland for a player. Mostly referred to boys who dates a lot of people. Quite disloyal.
Guy: Did you hear that Jack has dated nearly all the girls in his year? And he cheated on Katie with 3 other girls.
Other Guy: What a shagger.
by Just here to help :) April 02, 2020
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A word often substituted or used in place of the word "Fuck" or "Fucker". Shagger is often associated with the Newfoundland Culture.
Bob - "Your a Dick"
Joe - "Shut up you Shagger"
by CFSoldier February 24, 2010
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