funny as fuck is something you can call someone or something that is very funny. However, despite that this word is harmless, Its not advisable to say it with adults present.

Can also be typed FAF for short.
by lbchris05 March 5, 2003
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same as the defination at the top of the page
Dude, Chris is funny as fuck!!!!!!
by Anonymous March 6, 2003
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A funny fuck occurs when a bro declares, at least a week in advance, that he will fuck an offensive looking female for the lulz. His bros cannot make fun of him for it since he declared it ahead of time, but they can totally laugh with him the next morning.
-Dude, I was totally gonna make fun of Chris for hooking up with that jappy sorostitute last night but then I remember that e-mail, from a while back, when he said he was gonna fuck her for shits and gigs.
-Yeah man, we've been hurting for a funny fuck.
by PhillipSpencer December 19, 2010
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A description of a person who has a wildly hilarious and twisted sense of humor and suggesting at least some degree of mental derangement, to differentiate them from the person who may just be seriously fucked up.
With all of her perfectly well-timed and lightheartedly sadistic workplace pranks relentlessly played on unsuspecting bosses and supervisors, and of course all of the jobs she sacrificed in the process of doing so, she was the poster person for being funny fucked up.
by Dr Bunnygirl April 14, 2021
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