a name used commonly to refer to the college, SUNY Albany (aka best place to go to college ever).
"Hey, when are you going back to Albs?"
by albsanonymous January 10, 2009
A newb realm with too many people who like to gank hibernia in 20 group zergs and hold DF for 5 days straight.
Its the alb zerg at amg again.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
"Guy: babe, inty albe"
Girl: awww"
by Tozzlez August 4, 2010
"Aww you're such an ALB"
by dded March 26, 2012
1) short for Albion. The most populated of the 3 realms of Dark Age of Camelot(tm).
2) A large group of beings.
Grey: Where did this lag come from?
Mark: Must be the alb zerg.
by Batlas April 11, 2005
My soulmate. The one amazing person I would love to have in my life
This is my ALB .
by Idk2345u3u3 May 22, 2021